Wednesday, 24 December 2008

12 practical advices for 2009

Aseara am primit de pe o lista de discutii un e-mail cu 12 sfaturi practice pentru 2009. Mi-au placut si m-am gandit sa vi le impartasesc si voua in varianta originala, adica in engleza:

1. Keep Up 10 Good Friendships in 2009
A study of emotional well-being has found that the more friends we have, the
happier we are and that the optimum number is 10. Remember to work at your
friendships - they don't just happen.

2. Stick With One Thing at a Time in 2009
Listening to music, checking your BlackBerry and talking to the kids at the
same time doesn't make you more productive, just more scattered. Constant
multitasking increases the risk of making mistakes and makes it easier to
procrastinate. Learn to focus on what matters most.

3. Learn Something New in 2009
There is a huge scope for improving your mental capital. Learning has a
direct and beneficial effect on your mental health and well-being whatever
your age, and has even more promise as you get older. It's fun to learn and
a good way to meet and make new friends.

4. Start Keeping Your Own Score in 2009
You'll never know if you are winning if you don't keep score. Start building
a portfolio of your "wins" - a "star file" if you like. In it you can keep
good performance reviews, e-mails or notes of thanks from colleagues or
customers, learning certificates and the like. Don't be shy - you can pull
it out when you are having a bad day or use it for career enhancement. Just
one positive a day will give you a fat "star file" by years' end.

5. You Can Do Five Things Every Day to be Hopeful and Happy!
A "five-a-day" strategy will boost your mental health will combat
depression, anxiety and reliance on alcohol and make you feel better. Just
like choosing "five portions of fruit and vegetables each day" as promoted
by dieticians, you can work each day at:
  • Developing Friendships
  • Being Physically Active
  • Fostering Curiosity About the World
  • Continuing Education and Learning
  • Doing Volunteer Work

6. Design Your Work/Life in 2009
Design Your Work/Life to support and bolster what you really want out of
life in 2009. You can only find "passion", "work/life balance" and "meaning"
by looking within yourself and identifying what you want out of life. Make
the tough decisions to pursue work and activities that reflect what you care
about most deeply.

7. Tough Decisions For Tough Times in 2009
Ask yourself whether you really need to buy as much stuff as you do. Figure
out just how much money you really need to have a satisfying and fulfilling
life. You'll be pleasantly surprised that life can be great on a smaller

8. Keep Your "Busyness" in Control in 2009
Don't let quantity of activities overrule quality. Are you flattering
yourself about how important you are because you are busy? If your
"busyness" is self-imposed or you use it to escape other problems in your
life, go back to the Pareto Principle - about 20% of what you do actually
gives you 80% of your result - look for and only do the priority items in
your life.

9. Make Listening a Key Advantage For You in 2009
All messages cannot be reduced to a caption or advertising slogan. Much of
what needs to be communicated requires several pieces of information to be
understood. If you leap in and respond immediately to the first thing you
hear, you often create misunderstanding and hostility. So don't "speed
listen" rather take in what is being communicated, absorb the whole message
and then respond. Remember to listen, understand, think and speak - in that

10. You Can Be a Leader in 2009
Modern leadership, it turns out, is less about who you are or how you were
born, than about what you have learned and what you do as part of a group.
Nature and nurture intertwine but nurture is much more important in the
modern world than the "big man" approach. Work on your team skills such as
influencing, listening and negotiating to become "leadership material".

11. Make Your Commitments a Priority in 2009
If you fail to make a meeting, do lunch or complete a piece of work on time,
then you are sending your colleagues, friends and family two very strong
messages: "My time is more important than yours" and "You are not that
important". This year only make commitments that you intend to complete and
make these the important 20% of things that give you results.

12. The Three Secrets to Being Happy and Fulfilled in 2009
  • Someone To Love
  • Something To Do With Purpose
  • Something To Look Forward To


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